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7-12 Student Poems/Lockwood

July 12, 2001


Drift to my intoxicated eyelids.

I rest,

While, like a nocturnal torch,

My dreams fire

Freely into flight.

I am languid,

Full of secret desire,

Desire to awake.

My mind widens,

Expands, and, with spread wings,

My soul soars

Into a cloud

Of golden pleasure,

Incarnate incantations of flaming orange sunsets.

I savor the subtle longing

That pools in my concealed pupils,

The secret yearning to eternally sleep.

My dreams are momentarily scorched

By a rising thread of smoke,

Soon settling on my declaration of rest.

I will grant my mind the pleasure of wandering,

As I dream,

As I wait,

For the gentle rapture of youth

To fall upon

My weary,

Love-lost soul.

-- by Sarah Lockwood, inspired by Frederick Leighton's "Flaming June"

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