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7-12 Student Poems/Kennedy

July 12, 2001


Upon her shoulders.

Her chocolate skin glows

With calm anticipation;

She is ready early.

She studies herself askance in her ancient mirror.

How will she seem tonight?

Should she present herself shy,

As a dazzling wallflower?

Or could she be brash,

With feathered earrings swinging

To the music?

Who will she be tonight?

Should she radiate disdain,

And fill her laughter with cruel sarcasm?

Or will she be warm,

Like Autumn,

And wrap her self around those

In need?

Perhaps she shall go as is,

And put on no act,

For each mask is

As thin as vanity.

-- by Caity Kennedy, inspired by Andrew Wyeth's "Thin as Vanity"

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