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Store needed

July 11, 2001


To the editor:

I read, with great interest, the article, "Home Depot pitches new plan," in the July 7 edition of the Journal-World. I feel that the new plan submitted by Home Depot represents an important and badly needed addition to the city of Lawrence, and hope that it will receive a fair hearing by the Lawrence/Douglas County planning commissioners.

First, I believe that if this plan was presented to the voting public, it would receive overwhelming approval. Without exception, everyone I've talked with about Home Depot believes it's a desperately needed addition to the Lawrence retail market.

Second, it's important to point out that the opinions of the various "neighborhood associations" who have opposed the Home Depot plans represent a very narrow segment of the population. For example, I live in Indian Hills, and the opinions of the Indian Hills Neighborhood Assn. represent neither my personal beliefs nor those of any of the other residents I know.

Finally, I'm just plain sick of having to drive to either Olathe or Topeka every time I need to buy home improvement items. It's unfortunate that Lawrence's only building material retailer is in bankruptcy and can't afford to stock its shelves but it's a fact and I'm tired of going out of town to buy home improvement items. As much as the Lawrence Assocation of Neighborhoods would like to halt city progress, growth is inevitable and I sincerely hope that this time, the planning commissioners will act in the interests of the citizens they represent.

David Springer,


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