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Fireworks toll

July 11, 2001


To the editor:

The toll? Hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage; streets and parks littered with charred debris; frayed nerves for humans and animals alike; widespread disregard for the few laws that regulate fireworks. By pure luck, or the grace of God, no deaths or major injuries. All of this in our "enlightened" little city.

The response from public officials? From Mayor Rundle: "My impression ... from the general public and the fireworks dealers was it was a good idea not to put more restrictions on them." From Commissioner McElhaney: "We just need some more responsibility from the people that are using fireworks." Huh?

Apparently both representatives feel that transforming Lawrence into Beriut for a couple of days a year is OK. If they really do wish to sanction activities that lead to entirely predictable results, then perhaps they should be held personally liable for the results. Better yet, however, is to put the matter to a vote. If they are so cock sure that the people really want such chaos once a year, then let us say so at the voting booth.

Jerry Whistler,


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