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July 7, 2001


The Lawrence 99er Duplicate Bridge Club's game on June 27 was stratified and directed by Don Brennaman.

Barbara Hamilton and Bill Hamilton placed first. Second place was a three-way tie between Dorothy Arth and Frances Vogel, Eldon Herd and Artie Shaw, and Harry Talley and Don Daugherty. Glenna Herd and Betty Spalsbury placed fifth.

The Lawrence TGIF Duplicate Bridge Club's June 29 game was stratified and used the Mitchell movement. The game was directed by Don Brennaman.

North-South winners were led by Kent McCullough and Clyde Romer, followed by Julia Brooks and Harry Shaffer. Cathy Blumenfeld and Michael Blumenfeld placed third, followed by Glenna Herd and Eldon Herd.

East-West winners were led by Madelyn Jenks and Mona Bell, followed by Bobbie Figgins and Ann Tams. Martine Paludan and Lois Clark placed third, followed by Klee Zaricky and Sally Taylor.

The Lawrence Duplicate Bridge Club's July 2 game was attended by 11 tables of players. The game was stratified and was directed by Brian Baresch.

The North-South winners were led by James Gunn and Harry Shaffer, followed by Dave Piro and Robert Solick. Larry Bodle and Kent McCullough placed third, followed by Clyde Romer and Steve Phelps.

Sally Taylor and Shirlie Vaughn placed first in the B session, while the C session was won by Frances Vogel and Judy Bevan.

The East-West winners were led by Cathy Blumenfeld and Michael Blumenfeld, followed by Lois Clark and Martine Paludan. Eldon Herd and Glenna Herd placed third, followed by Madelyn Jenks and Phyllis Brownlee.

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