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Marriage Licenses

July 6, 2001


Douglas County

District Court

Marriage licenses issued

David William Schippert, 23, Great Bend, and Jessica Jan Mittel, 23, Great Bend.

Cory Applebee, 28, Lawrence, and Stacey Hunnicutt, 29, Lawrence.

Timothy Holden, 45, Lawrence, and Pamela Gilliam, 42, Lawrence.

Terry Wayne Pickens, 38, Lawrence, and Denise Ann Rider Redecap, 39, Lawrence.

Curtis Powers, 34, Lawrence, and Marian Johnson, 42, Lawrence.

Brian Michael Small, 23, Lawrence, and Kileah Lyn Blanton, 17, Lawrence.

Paul Rosen, 26, Lawrence, and Kari Jackson, 24, Lawrence.

David Mitchel Reece, 28, Lawrence, and Christine Lorene Gray, 23, Lawrence.

Douglas Scharf, 33, St. Joseph, Mo., and Julie Bortner, 29, St. Joseph, Mo.

Christopher Todd Thompson, 27, Lawrence, and Carrie Lynn Klein, 28, Lawrence.

Eric Michael Demarest, 22, Lawrence, and Deborah Michelle Friberg, 25, Baldwin.

Bridgett M. Price, 26, Lawrence, and Jacob W. Hout, 26, Lawrence.

Robert Heath Stimmel, 27, Beatrice, Neb., and Rachel Marie Fox, 21, Lawrence.

Bradley Allen Massey, 22, Lawrence, and Marissa Jade Hattemer, 19, Lawrence.

Troy John Gavel, 34, Ottawa, and Wanda Jo E. Gavel, unknown, Ottawa.

Travis Davis, 27, West Palm Beach, Fla., and Lacey O'Neil, 25, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Devin Burr, 24, Lawrence, and Amy Scantlin, 23, Lawrence.

Kevin Hughes, 24, Lawrence, and Lori Bachtel, 23, Lawrence.

Shawn E. McMillan, 30, Lawrence, and Vanessa Dawn Griswold, 23, Lawrence.

Robert Gerald Billings, 64, Lawrence, and Beverly Ann Smith, 54, Lawrence.

Sarah Renee Urban, 21, Lawrence, and Garrett Linn Carver, 20, Lawrence.

John Lawrence Sanders, 25, Lawrence, and Michelle Lynn Jones, 23, Lawrence.

David Williams, 38, Lawrence, and Kimberly Dawn Krecek, 36, Lawrence.

Neal Laurence Isaacs, 30, Lawrence, and Melissa Ann Fisher, 24, Lawrence.

John Brandon Schoenthaler, 25, Lawrence, and Cortney Jo Lehmann, 22, Lawrence.

Eric Jon Glemming, 29, Lawrence, and Blythe Rachel Bradley, 23, Lawrence.

Scott Craig MacHardy, 26, Lawrence, and Madge Lorraine Strnad, 19, Lawrence.

Christopher Ryan Moon, 22, Lawrence, and Mary Patricia Tolman, 23, Lawrence.

Timothy E. Brown, 29, Lawrence, and Stephanie M. Meyer, 27, Lawrence.

Francis Orzulak, 26, Lawrence, and Melinda McBee, 25, Kansas City, Kan.

Lyle Gene Tsosie, 24, Lawrence, and Melanie Koren Jones, 25, Lawrence.

Christopher Widga, 25, Lawrence, and Stacey Lengyel, 28, Lawrence.

Steven Dillon, 49, Lawrence, and Susan Haase, 45, Lawrence.

Jeremiah Niven, 24, Lawrence, and Carmen Hupp, 22, Lawrence.

David Clyde Toland, 24, Iola, and Elizabeth Ann Huddleston, 23, Lawrence.

Joseph Edward Erazmus, 32, Lawrence, and Leisa Rene Glover, 33, Lawrence.

Travis Wayne Sullivan, 25, Lawrence, and Susan Jill Slack, 24, Lawrence.

Eric Douglas Boedeker, 23, Lawrence, and Bambi Jo Schnitker 24, Lawrence.

Michael Anthony Ramirez, Jr., 30, Lawrence, and Kathy Lynn Lesline, 28, Lawrence.

Michael Paul Avicola, 21, Lawrence, and Juana Jo Lanque, 22, Lawrence.

Brandon Michael White, 21, Lawrence, and Jody Marie Gray, 22, Lawrence.

Joseph Edward Munoz, 22, Lawrence, and Theryn Lyn Spomer, 22, Lawrence.

Patrick Ewers, Jr., 22, Lawrence, and Timechay Outhonesak, 21, Lawrence.

Thomas Backus, 20, Lawrence, and Lynzee Elliott, 23, Lawrence.

Benjamin Roy Mudgridge, 23, Lawrence, and Carrie Lynn Turnbaugh, 23, Lawrence.

William Masters, 19, Lawrence, and Cassie Taylor, 19, Lawrence.

Ivica Simac, 22, Lawrence, and Candra Moten, 21, Lawrence.

Brant Brown, 25, Lawrence, and Heidi Larson, 24, Lawrence.

Kevin Patrick Zamarripa, 30, Lawrence, and Wendy Jean McNulty, 25, Lawrence.

Michael Alan Hamm, 24, Lawrence, and Sarah Tizby Hunt Ward, 23, Lawrence.

Steven James Dresser, 21, Kansas City, Mo., and Abby Nicole Terrill, 20, Hutchinson.

Dustin Anthony Stejskal, 22, Lawrence, and Carisa Lynn Wacker, 22, Lawrence.

William Marks Cook, 27, Lawrence, and Kelly Lea Shepardson, 30, Lawrence.

Joseph Stephen Yager, 25, Lawrence, and Holly Jeanne Oglesbee, 23, Lawrence.

Donald Ray Gillette, 35, Smithville, and Rebekah Lynn Timmons, 39, Lawrence.

Kevin Bernard Bockwinkel, 27, Lenexa, and Melanie Loy Shenk, 35, Lenexa.

Delmar Henley, 45, Lawrence, and Sandra Schrimscher, 39, Lawrence.

Antone Hackett, 50, Baldwin, and Connie Lindell, 46, Lawrence.

William Benoit, 27, Eudora, and Michael Marmon, 22, Eudora.

George Conforti, 36, Lawrence, and Nicole Cain, 28, Lawrence.

Brian Warbritton, 21, Lawrence, and Sarah Courter, Lawrence, 20.

Jeffery Torchia, 24, Lawrence, and Jill Fugett, 21, Lawrence.

Bruce Reves, 48, Lawrence, and Linette Hatfield, 37, Lawrence.

Jerry Douglas Bryant, 41, Lawrence, and Rhonda Jean Ross, 35, Lawrence.

Ashley P. Michael, 26, Shawnee, and Jill Katherine Saffell, 24, Shawnee.

Timothy Edward Hunt, 27, Eudora, and Kristy Kathleen Sabata Sperry, 26, Eudora.

Steven Shane McDermott, 24, Lawrence, and Lisa Marie Katich, 21, Lawrence.

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