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Web site has an appetite for popular recipes

July 4, 2001



Want a peephole into the collective appetite?'s Search Spy function takes voyeurism into the kitchen.

In a real-time peek at what real people crave, the site's pop-up window showcases the 10 most recent entries typed into the site's search function from salmon roe to beer batter. The window is updated every 15 seconds.

A recent visit revealed these top five entries: peach almond, chicken, sangria, herbal mint tea and spinach dip.

Another anonymous portal into Americans' dining habits, the "Most Popular" hit list, showcases the site's most-talked-about recipes.

Of some 12,000 recipes stored on the site, more than 10,000 have received feedback from online readers; comments range from constructive criticism to avowed adoration.

Recent requests ran the gamut from sausage, cheese and basil lasagna to double chocolate layer cake. Yum.

A spokeswoman for the Web site, produced by Gourmet and Bon Appt magazines, explained the tools allow the site to give people more of what they want. The best part is that no one needs to reveal looking up "pork skins."

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