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Taster gives local flavors two spoons up

July 4, 2001


1. Da Bomb (vanilla ice cream with Oreos, chocolate flakes and cookie dough), Sylas & Maddy's: "It's creamy, thicker, denser."

2. Graduation Day (vanilla ice cream with cashews, caramel and brownies), Sylas & Maddy's: "Very nice. Good cashew pieces, good flavor."

3. Banana Nut Bread (vanilla ice cream with walnuts and banana bread), Sylas & Maddy's: "It's fun, sure. The first two (flavors) are a little more serious."

4. Very Berry (vanilla custard with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries), The Custard Cup: "Good -- you get that custard note immediately."

5. Turtle Bliss (vanilla custard with caramel, pecans and fudge), The Custard Cup: "It's good, for (something with) that name."

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