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NU freshmen in ticket lottery

July 4, 2001


— Incoming University of Nebraska freshmen will have a chance to see two home football games if their number is drawn in a ticket lottery scheduled July 27.

All 8,200 student tickets for this year's home games were sold by April, which left some upperclassmen lingering on a waiting list. Freshmen were thought to be shut out totally.

The athletic department announced Monday that 400 total freshmen will be able to see two games. The university has taken 100 seats and is packaging those into four separate two-game packages.

The ticket packages are for either:

- the Troy State and Notre Dame games;

- the Rice and Oklahoma games;

- the TCU and Kansas State games;

- or the Iowa State and Texas Tech games.

Winners of the ticket lottery will be able to buy tickets to one of those packages.

Mailed applications will be accepted until July 27.

Nebraska has offered 8,200 seats for students the last six years, but 20 years ago had 17,000 student seats.

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