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July 4, 2001


Flag plaza dedicated at Kansas Cosmosphere

Hutchinson The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center dedicated its new flag plaza Tuesday, in honor of an artifacts restorer who died earlier this year.

Greg "Buck" Buckingham, master space artifacts restorer at the Cosmosphere and an army veteran, died in January. An F-1 Saturn V rocket engine is part of the flag plaza, a return of one of the Cosmosphere's most popular outdoor landmarks.

Electricity: Truck downs power line

Nearly 350 Lawrence residents were without power Tuesday after a concrete truck hooked a power line and tore down two utility poles as it drove down the 2100 block of Heatherwood Drive.

The poles collapsed at 11:35 a.m. The resulting outage affected residents in an area north of Clinton Parkway and east of Kasold Drive, said KPL spokesman Richard Good. Power was restored within several hours.

Charles Cudmore was about to cook lunch when he heard a loud noise and the power went off.

"It sounded like a transformer blowing," he said. "I went outside and saw that the truck jerked the poles down. ... Wires were strung all over the truck."

Good said there were no injuries. The accident did not appear to damage any property, either, Cudmore said.

"It was basically an inconvenience to traffic and a delay on the road construction," Cudmore said. "And it was starting to get hot."

Law enforcement: Pants stolen in park

A half-naked, 23-year-old Lawrence man flagged down a police car at 12:55 a.m. Monday to report his pants and wallet stolen.

The man had taken off his large FUBU pants in Centennial Park, 600 Rockledge Road. Two men walking by took the pants and the man's wallet, which was in a pants pocket. The pants, wallet and its contents were valued on the report at $122.

"Officers drove by and were waved down by a man with nothing on but a shirt," Sgt. Mike Pattrick said.

The officers drove the man home.

Police said they could not comment on why the 23-year-old removed his pants.

Gasoline prices: Pump patrol tracks down lowest prices in Lawrence

The Journal-World has found a Lawrence-area gasoline price as low as $1.129 a gallon at Site, 23rd Street and Haskell Avenue.

If you find a lower price, please call us at 832-7154. Be prepared to leave the name of the business, the address and the price.

Or go to www.ljworld .com/section/gasoline to join our Pump Patrol message board.

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