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January 29, 2001


Yamaha remote can handle 255 commands

Yamaha has created a touch-pad remote control, making it easier for consumers to control their home theater systems.

The RAV-2000 is a programmable unit that comes preset with Yamaha infrared codes, as well as codes from other electronics manufacturers. It has seven programmable direct-access buttons and provides easy set-up, the company says.

The touch-pad can handle up to 255 commands, and the high-resolution liquid crystal display screen has a backlight for reading at night or in a dark room.

Yamaha says it can operate from a distance of 30 feet. The RAV-2000 will be available in May and will retail for about $499.

High-tech can become part of your home's decor

High-tech toys don't have to be hidden anymore.

House & Garden magazine declared the era of the clunky stereo over. Its "Hunting & Gathering" section in the January issue found several speakers that become part of a room's decor. They include:

NAC Sound's multidirectional Zemis ($660 a pair) are ceramic balls that hang from the ceiling. They can be custom-colored to match decorating schemes.

Foldable plastic speakers from Urban Outfitters ($10) that plug into portable CD players.

B&W; Loudspeakers' LM1 Leisure Monitors ($350 a pair) are sleek and compact, and fit in almost any room. They are available in five colors.

Harmon/Kardon's three-piece SoundSticks speaker system's ($199) is a techno-chic transparent design. The system is compatible with Apple computers.

Reading on the run

The REB1200, an eBook from RCA, gives readers access to thousands of pages of searchable text. The REB1200 has eight megabytes of on-board memory, and it uses the Gemstar eBook technology and selection of books and magazines. About the size of a hardcover book, the portable electronic reader features a VGA-quality color touch screen, a portfolio cover and a built-in modem for downloading content using a standard phone line. It also features a user-adjustable backlit screen and a variable font size. Suggested price: $699.

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