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January 29, 2001


athletic department and the basketball program. The families of those

involved also have our prayers. I know Bill and Nicki Hancock personally,

and there's nothing that can be said at this time to ease their pain. That's

the most difficult part for everyone involved."

IOWA STATE HEAD COACH LARRY EUSTACHY - "I personally feel closer to the OSU

program than any other program. I can't fathom the pain they are feeling

right now. This has to be the saddest day that I have ever been involved

with in college basketball. I can sense it from our players and the mood in

the arena. My prayers are with the families. This is one of the all-time


TEXAS A&M; HEAD COACH MELVIN WATKINS - "This tragic event surely puts what we

do in perspective. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and the

entire Oklahoma State community. It's certainly a tragic day for the Big 12

Conference and college basketball."

TEXAS HEAD COACH RICK BARNES - "Obviously our thoughts and prayers go out to

the family members of those involved in this tragedy. This incident hits

way too close to home for the players and staff in our program. When we

arrived back last night from Tucson and heard the news, all I can say is

that it completely sucked the life out of our guys."

OKLAHOMA HEAD COACH KELVIN SAMPSON - "I can't imagine, for a coach, a harder

and more difficult task than dealing with death. I just can't imagine

having to talk to the families of those who died. I have great respect and

admiration for Coach Sutton and I know he will handle this as well as it can

be handled. We're praying for everyone affected by this tragedy."

OKLAHOMA SENIOR GUARD TIM HESKETT - "Our thoughts and prayers are with the

OSU program. We are all very remorseful. When you lose a member or members

of your family -- you just can't imagine what that is like. Having to deal

with a tragedy like that outside of a season would be terrible enough. For

it to happen in the middle of a season has to be all the more difficult. It

really puts things in perspective."

OKLAHOMA SENIOR NOLAN JOHNSON - "It's easy to say you know how people feel,

but you don't. It's something you hope you never have to experience. No

one can prepare themselves for something like this. We extend our deepest

sympathy to the Oklahoma State family."


to the families and friends of those lost in last night's tragedy. We extend

our full support to our friends and colleagues at Oklahoma State University

during this very difficult time."

MISSOURI HEAD COACH QUIN SNYDER - "We are deeply saddened by Saturday's

tragic accident. We are reminded of the relative insignificance of the game

of basketball. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Missouri family go

out to the Oklahoma State basketball team, their families and the


MISSOURI SENIOR GUARD BRIAN GRAWER - "This really hits close to home, and it

makes you appreciate even more how precious our time is here. I'm so sorry

for the families, and our prayers go out to everyone. It seems so unfair."

KANSAS STATE HEAD COACH JIM WOOLDRIDGE - "We are extremely saddened by the

Oklahoma State tragedy. I'm sure this is a difficult time for everyone

associated with the OSU athletic program and the families of the victims.

Everyone in our program wants to express their heart-felt sympathies to all

of the grieving members of the Oklahoma State family. Our thoughts and

prayers are with the families of the victims."

KANSAS STATE ATHLETICS DIRECTOR MAX URICK - "Words do not adequately express

the sorrow we feel for the victims of the Oklahoma State plane crash. Our

hearts go out to the families of the victims, and we want to reach out and

share the burden of the loss which the Oklahoma State family is bearing

right now. Our prayers are, and will continue to be, with the families of

the victims."

COLORADO HEAD COACH RICARDO PATTON - "First of all, my heart goes out to the

families. Things like this always catch you off-guard and by surprise. It's

difficult to think that people we just saw less than 10 hours ago were

stricken by such tragedy. Again, my prayers go out to the families and

people at Oklahoma State."

COLORADO SENIOR ERNEST RENFROE - "You're happy about a victory, then

something like this happens. The win really doesn't matter anymore."

COLORADO SENIOR JAMAHL MOSLEY - "My thoughts and prayers go out to those

affected by this tragedy. Wins and losses on the court mean nothing when

compared to a loss of this magnitude."

NEBRASKA HEAD COACH BARRY COLLIER - "I'm not sure anyone ever has complete

answers for a tragedy like this, as some things in life you are not going to

know the answer to. But everyone in the Nebraska athletics family, including

our whole team, is praying for the OSU team and their families.

"I hope that they feel the support of everyone who looks upon them. We will

do anything to help, as there are times when basketball pales in comparison

to other things in life."

NEBRASKA SENIOR GUARD COOKIE BELCHER - "This is a great tragedy. It really

makes you realize the importance of life and how quick life is. Our whole

team sends prayer to the OSU team and their families."


prayers to the entire Oklahoma State family in light of this tragedy. This

is a tragic loss that affects the entire Big 12 Conference. We will be in

contact with athletic officials at Oklahoma State and will be offering any

support that we can."

Big 12 Notables

Many conferences and Big 12 schools are having a moment of silence in honor

of the tragedy prior to games. Included were the Sunday Big 12 contests

between Iowa State and Texas A&M; in men's basketball and the Texas Tech at

Oklahoma women's contest...Phillips 66 Player and Rookie of the Week will be

released later this week.

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