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Old home town - 40 and 100 years ago today

January 29, 2001


In 1961

Dr. Robert Dentler, assistant director of the Bureau of Child Research at Kansas University, received a $2,000 federal grant to study the social behavior of junior high school students in an attempt to understand determinants of vandalism and truancy.

Douglas County treasurer Bessie Bennett said the county had sold more than 6,000 vehicle license tags so far in 1961, almost 1,500 of them for trucks, and had collected $3.4 million on the tax abstract.

In 1901

On Jan. 28, 1901, the Lawrence World's headlines read "MRS. NATION IN TOWN - The Saloon Smasher Visits Lawrence and Receives a Warm Welcome." The World's account began: "Mrs. Carrie Nation visited Lawrence Saturday. Her coming was unheralded but it was soon noised abroad and she was followed by a noisy crowd. She is a large woman with a fiery eye and such a thing as fear has never entered her mind. She is doing a rough work and in consequence is liable to insult and even injury from the rounders who think it smart to defy the law. Mrs. Nation was treated with extreme courtesy except from a gang of university rounders who have no more sense than to guy a poor old woman who is doing the work the people of Kansas have repeatedly asked their officers to do....Mrs. Nation is a large fleshly woman of perhaps sixty years of age. She is good natured and rather likes the noteriety that has come to her. She declares that she must have help in her crusade. She only stopped over here as Lawrence is not recognized as a saloon town. While there are joints here they are kept down by the officers."

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