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League mourns with OSU

January 29, 2001


J-W Staff Report

There was an outpouring of support for Oklahoma State from around the Big 12 Conference on Sunday in the wake of Saturday's plane crash, which killed eight people associated with the OSU men's basketball program and two pilots, in Colorado.

Here is a sampling of what league sources were saying Sunday:

"I was deeply saddened after hearing of the tragedy last night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Oklahoma State, the athletic department and the basketball program. The families of those involved also have our prayers. I know Bill and Nicki Hancock personally, and there's nothing that can be said at this time to ease their pain. That's the most difficult part for everyone involved."

Kansas coach Roy Williams

"First of all, my heart goes out to the families. Things like this always catch you off-guard and by surprise. It's difficult to think that people we just saw less than 10 hours ago were stricken by such tragedy. Again, my prayers go out to the families and people at Oklahoma State."

Colorado coach Ricardo Patton, whose team defeated Oklahoma State on Saturday at Boulder, Colo.

"You're happy about a victory, then something like this happens. The win really doesn't matter anymore."

Colorado senior Ernest Renfore

"Obviously our thoughts and prayers go out to the family members of those involved in this tragedy. This incident hits way too close to home for the players and staff in our program. When we arrived back last night from Tucson and heard the news, all I can say is that it completely sucked the life out of our guys."

Texas coach Rick Barnes

"I can't imagine, for a coach, a harder and more difficult task than dealing with death. I just can't imagine having to talk to the families of those who died. I have great respect and admiration for Coach (Eddie) Sutton and I know he will handle this as well as it can be handled. We're praying for everyone affected by this tragedy."

Oklahoma coach Kelvin Sampson

"This really hits close to home, and it makes you appreciate even more how precious our time is here. I'm so sorry for the families, and our prayers go out to everyone. It seems so unfair."

Missouri senior guard Brian Grawer

"I'm not sure anyone ever has complete answers for a tragedy like this, as some things in life you are not going to know the answer to. But everyone in the Nebraska athletics family, including our whole team, is praying for the OSU team and their families. I hope that they feel the support of everyone who looks upon them. We will do anything to help, as there are times when basketball pales in comparison to other things in life."

Nebraska coach Barry Collier

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