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Spring beauty buzz: Cosmetics menu dazzles

January 28, 2001


— The beauty trends for spring might be quirky, classic, hot or cool. Who knows what the future holds?

As with most industries, there are the stalwarts, the cosmetics companies you count on year after year for favorite colors and products. And then there are the small companies that operate just below the general public's radar screen.

Not Soap, Radio is a new line of bath gels. The gels _ and their
quirky names _ remind you not to take things too seriously.

Not Soap, Radio is a new line of bath gels. The gels _ and their quirky names _ remind you not to take things too seriously.

A spring preview at Henri Bendel, a Fifth Avenue specialty store, gave the products from these lesser-known manufacturers a shot at the season's beauty buzz.

One tempting product is body icing from Serendipity 3 ($12.50), a Manhattan restaurant that is famous for its desserts. The icing, which is really a moisturizer, is in Serendipity's signature flavor, "Frrrozen Hot Chocolate," and the scent is sweet.

Also on the season's cosmetics menu is CranMary's bath and body collection ($30-$65). The body lotion, cream, wash and scrub combine the botanical essences of cranberry, which is known for its antioxidant properties, and rosemary, which is said to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate the senses and improve circulation.

Not Soap, Rad-io's new line of bubble baths and shower gels ($15 a bottle) is infused with herbal ex-tracts, but the company which took its name from the punch line of a joke about two polar bears in a bathtub says it's not trying to be scientific or New Age.

In fact, it's the descriptions of the flavors, including "Bathing With Sharks (for that competitive edge in work and/or play)" and "To Sleep Full of Sweet Dreams (without waking in a mad panic at 3 a.m.)," that are the key to the gels' stress-reducing claims.

Vincent Longo apparently believes in flower power, packaging its new eyeshadow trios ($20) in attractive floral patterns that might cause users a brief moment of hesitation before smudging the design.

The featured colors are inspired by the members of S'coolgirlz, a girl band. Sheelee's shades are dark mauve, light lavender and mango; Dreama's are salmon, purple and pink; Heather's are purple, white and yellow; Stephanie's are burgundy, pale pink and apple green; and Kristin's are gold, burgundy and ocean blue.

Defile's color palette features the intense shades of yellow, green, lime, pink, orange and purple seen in the spring runway fashions of designers like Roberto Cavalli and John Galliano.

Defile has roll-up leather cases in three different pastel shades to store cheek glows, lipsticks, nail sheens and eyeshadows. Only a few hundred cases have been produced.

Franche's mineral-based, vitamin-infused makeup has a natural inspiration: the colors of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Also new from Franche for spring are six new shades of Gems, a loose shimmer powder that can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips and body. The new hues are jade, bronze, mauve, indigo, ice and crystal.

One of Trish McEvoy's top colors of the season is no color at all. The Lucite lip gloss which is sold separately ($20) and in the Cosmopolitan compact with complementary shades of red, Malibu and babydoll ($35) is so clear that its case actually looks empty. However, the glamorous look it gives off is not.

And Z. Bigatti Labs has remembered parts of the body that are sometimes overlooked in the average beauty regimen. The Swan Neck Firming Treatment ($128) aims to restore firmness to the throat area, and the Satin Elbow Knee & Heel Treatment ($110) delivers moisture to typical rough spots.

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