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Ex-centerfold socks Koch firm with $474 million lawsuit

January 20, 2001


— Former Playboy centerfold Anna Nicole Smith filed a $474 million lawsuit against Koch Industries Inc., claiming the firm conspired with her late husband's son to prevent her from receiving her inheritance.

Smith, who was awarded $475 million in federal bankruptcy court here last month, filed the Superior Court lawsuit Wednesday in response to a legal move by Wichita-based Koch Industries to tie up the matter in state court, Smith's lawyer Philip Boesch Jr. said.

Smith, whose real name is Vickie Lynn Marshall, alleges Koch was supposed to give her half the company stock worth about $900 million that her husband, Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, owned when he died at age 90.

Instead, Smith alleges, Koch conspired with Marshall's son, E. Pierce Marshall, to ensure she wouldn't get the money.

Smith claims Koch employees adopted strategies to depress the value of the stock and concealed information from her and her husband.

"This is the same old story merely resurrected in a new form. These are 2-year-old allegations which have absolute no substance or validity. We vigorously deny the allegations and will respond in due course," a Koch spokesman said.

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