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Old home town 100 years ago today

January 17, 2001


In 1901 -On Jan. 17, 1901, the Lawrence World told of the second annual banquet of the Commercial Club at the Eldridge the previous night. The World told of the remarks of W.C. Spangler who commented on the commercial club's support of the city council noting, "The funds raised by taxation for municipal affairs is comparatively little as are the expenses. The 10 mil levy for general fund realizes about $18,000. And the expenditures from the same embrace $5,000 for water, $4,000 for lights and $3,000 for fire department, $4,000 for police and bridge watchman, $1,000 for rent of library and additions to the same, beside the expense of city officers, supplies, etc. The general fund being increased to cover these expenses by the addition of rent for city building and licenses. The improvement fund amounts to $9,000 a year. Until the passage of this law allowing the city to pay one-third for the paving of certain streets, all of this fund was expended in digging ditches here and there and making and remaking grades, with no permanent results. "

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