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January 17, 2001


Ridership on 'T' buses increases in early January

Ridership on the city's new bus system doubled during the first two weeks of January.

"We're really pleased with where we're at," said Karin Rexroad, the city's public transit administrator.

More than 4,700 people rode the routes during the first 12 business days of the new year, between Jan. 12 and Monday. That compares with more than 2,300 people during the system's first 12 days in operation at the end of December.

The system's best day so far was Jan. 8, when 472 people rode the buses. An average of nearly 400 riders a day have used the system in January.

Rexroad said transit officials ultimately hope to have 1,000 riders a day, but they don't have a deadline for meeting that goal.

"We know it's going to take a while," she said. "We're just working on the nuts-and-bolts of it right now."

Rexroad said it will probably be the end of the week before she can evaluate the impact of Kansas University students returning for spring semester.


Lawrence district continues investigation of porn report

Lawrence public school officials said Tuesday night that their investigation into pornography reportedly found on a school computer was continuing.

Ora Copp, a ninth-grader at Southwest Junior High School, reported seeing a picture of two men engaging in a sex act on a computer at the school library last week.

Supt. Randy Weseman said Tuesday that technology workers still were working to determine if and how the pornography appeared on the computer.


Hospital to celebrate 80th birthday today

Lawrence Memorial Hospital will have a birthday party today.

LMH turns 80 years old. Hospital employees and board members will celebrate with cake at the LMH board of trustees meeting this morning.

All employees and board members have been encouraged to wear their new denim shirts to commemorate the day, hospital officials said. The shirts bear the LMH logo and the wording, Kansas 2000 Award for Excellence.

The board will begin its meeting at 8:30 a.m. but will meet in a closed, executive session at the beginning.

Sunflower Foundation

Senator from Lawrence to speak at trustee meeting

Topeka State Sen. Sandy Praeger will discuss the health care needs of Kansas during the first meeting of the Sunflower Foundation's board of trustees today.

Praeger, R-Lawrence, said she plans to emphasize two programs during her speech: a partnership that would subsidize health care for low-income workers, and a "telemedicine" program that connects public school nurses with doctors from the Kansas University Medical Center via the Internet.

The Sunflower Foundation, which will provide health care education and provide other health-related services, was formed in August, when Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Kansas agreed to contribute $75 million because of a change in its tax status.

The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. in the Capitol Plaza Hotel, 1717 S.W. Topeka Blvd.

Praeger is a legislative adviser to the board.

Lawrence resident Cindy Rainey is a board member.

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