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January 7, 2001


Mother avoids jail for abortion threat

A Fort Pierce woman accused of forcing her 16-year-old daughter to go to an abortion clinic and telling a nurse her daughter would abort the fetus or die will not serve jail time or have a criminal record as part of a plea agreement.

Prosecutors said they accepted the plea because the woman's daughter refused to testify against her. Glenda Dowis, 42, had faced up to 10 years in prison. At the clinic, the teen wrote on a medical form that her mother was making her have an abortion. Clinic workers took her into a room and told her she didn't have to go through with the procedure, and then called police.

New Jersey
NTSB confirms pilot passed out

A Continental Airlines jet bound for Paris from Houston last month had to make an emergency landing after the pilot passed out at the controls. The pilot was carried out of the cockpit and a first officer took control of the plane until a relief pilot could take over the Dec. 27 flight.

According to a National Transportation Safety Board report released Friday, the Boeing 777 carrying 208 people landed safely at Newark Airport, and the pilot was taken to a hospital. It was not immediately determined what had happened. The NTSB report said the unidentified captain "placed his hands up to his chest, rolled his head back and became unconscious."

Cuban spy admits seeking military secrets

An admitted spy testified in an espionage trial that he was given orders from the Cuban government to penetrate U.S. military installations in Florida.

Joseph Santos said in court Friday that he and his wife received orders from Gerardo Hernandez to gather information from the U.S. Southern Command, which controls military operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He said they were largely unsuccessful but filed at least one report on the complex. Hernandez and four other Cubans are on trial in Florida, accused of being members of a Cuban spy ring that targeted military installations and infiltrated anti-Fidel Castro exile groups.

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