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January 7, 2001


New products
Ostrich, emu among foods expected to emerge in 2001

Ostrich chops and emu cutlets may start to nest in your grocer's meat cases during the new year, alongside buffalo burgers.

Those are just some of the toothsome delicacies that consumers can anticipate in 2001, according to Mintel International Group Ltd., a London-based marketing consultant that tracks new food, beverage and other products in 46 countries.

Expect carbonated soy-based soft drinks, bite-sized foods and more venues for the artichoke this year. Dips, spreads, appetizers and sauces are likely to feature the flavor of the prickly vegetable.

As for non-food offerings, patches will move beyond the realm of smoking cessation and acne treatment, the company predicted.

Consumers are likely to see the emergence of patches for tanning, bruises, hair removal and muscle relaxation. Aromatherapy patches also may be available, with users sniffing their patch-covered hands to get a quick shot of well-being or energy.

Online real estate dealings to increase despite glitches

More consumers will be getting mortgages and home equity loans online next year even though consumer confidence in dot-coms is somewhat shaky these days.

So says Lee Howlett, president and chief operating officer of Rocky Hill, Conn.-based Integrated Loan Services, which provides loan support products to financial institutions.

Howlett says new technologies that make closings more convenient and less costly for the consumer will be the driving force behind the increasing number of people who put aside their fears to do sophisticated real estate transactions online.

Motley Fool
Name that company

Born in 1886, I'm "the company for women." I offered them an income well before they were allowed to vote. I was founded by a man, though, as the California Perfume Co. In 1939 I got my current name, honoring the home of a famous European playwright. My sales team of 3 million serves customers in 137 nations, distributing more than 600 million catalogs and selling shampoo, jewelry and more. I'm the largest direct-selling enterprise in the world, with annual revenues topping $5 billion. In 2001 I'll introduce vitamins and nutritional supplements, and I'll expand my Internet presence. Who am I?

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