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Bluegrass review

January 7, 2001


The Grasshoppers

When you think of bluegrass music, you just naturally think of ... Idaho?

Well, not really. But The Grasshoppers prove that bluegrass is alive and well in the mountains of the West.

And with its first national release, the band is bringing its tradition-based original music to a much larger audience. And it's a band worth checking out.

Jeremy Garrett's fiddle work is among the best out there today. And Honi Glenn's voice should elevate her into the top ranks of female vocalists in a few years.

It's a family band. Honi is married to banjo player, Randy Glenn. And Jeremy is the son of rhythm guitarist Glen Garrett.

The band has been together since 1994 and two years ago, it won top honors at the Pizza Hut International Bluegrass Showdown. It was an honor well deserved.

All 12 songs on the debut album are originals six by Honi, three by Jeremy, two by Glen and one by Honi and Glen.

None of these is likely to become bluegrass standards. But it's a solid debut album.

Glen's "Graveside" deals with the pain of losing someone you love. Jeremy's "Y2K" is a fun, up-tempo instrumental. And Honi and Glen's "I'm Callin' Jesus" is an up-tempo gospel number with great harmonies.

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