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Letter off base

January 5, 2001


To the editor:

After seeing a great deal of articles in the paper about JROTC, I felt I should comment, being a student in public schools myself. I'd actually like to respond to a particular article. In "ROTC a mistake" (LJW, Dec. 28), the author claims that "ROTC programs teach feelings of frustration should be expressed through violent acts."

My father happens to be Air Force retired, and he went through ROTC in college here at KU. He never learned how to kill people, or "engage in violent activity." And that was in college. JROTC is more like Boy Scouts than military training. And the concept that JROTC would crush ideals and turn youth into mindless killers is rather foolish.

Many JROTC members don't participate in ROTC in college. Would that be called sheep-like obedience? It's a positive, educational program, not another conspiracy theory. Finally, In response to the perceived threat of military in schools, I must say, JROTC is radically different from Hitler's programs. For example, hate, prejudice, violence are not tolerated. War isn't the objective. No one, military or not, wants to fight a war. Of course, on the flip side, if we abolish the military, where are we then?

Poland, in 1938: annihilated by the German blitz. Where the Nazi youth were brainwashed by doctrines based on hate, JROTC would produce productive citizens. Something our country desperately needs.

Andy Sneegas,


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