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911 translation saves infant’s life

February 24, 2001


— Police say a bilingual 11-year-old helped save his young brother's life when he calmly listened to an emergency dispatcher's instructions for performing CPR, then translated for his Spanish-speaking mother.

Daniel Tinajero said he knew it was important to stay calm and listen to the dispatcher.

"If I didn't remain calm, I couldn't translate everything," Daniel said. "I learned how to use 911 in school. ... They told us that in cases of emergency to stay calm."

Jose Tinajero Jr. had been sick with a fever the night of Feb. 14. Shortly after 5 p.m., Theresa Tinajero noticed the boy had stopped breathing and she began to panic.

Tinajero speaks little English and had to rely on Daniel for help.

Daniel dialed 911, told the dispatcher what was wrong, and then talked his mother through CPR with the dispatcher's help.

The 20-month-old brother began breathing shortly before paramedics arrived.

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