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School board issues - Nicole Rials

February 19, 2001


Nicole Rials, 28, 2501 Alister Dr.
Occupation: social worker at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
Education: bachelor's and master's degrees at KU.
Family: single.

The school board should consider consolidating elementary schools in Lawrence. Yes or no? Why?
"No. With the proper use of funds, I feel that schools can be preserved and improvement goals can be met."

Tax abatements to draw large businesses into Lawrence are detrimental to the public school district. Yes or no? Why?
"Yes. If a community is going to survive, everyone must pay their part."

The introduction of technology in Lawrence schools is a blessing. Yes or no? Why?
"Yes. It can be a grat asset if carefully monitored and used appropriately."

I would modify the district's approach to inclusion of special-education students. Yes or no? Why?
"Yes. First, identify what it means for our district so that the ones who are on the front line of inclusion know exactly what it expected and are given the supportive resources to make it work in their classroom."

The district should alter the three-year junior high school format or create four-year high schools. Yes or no? Why?
"Yes. These are among a number of options available to address the growing population of students."

It was a mistake for the district to spend $4.1 million on a new warehouse, which is too small, and an administrative headquarters. Yes or no? Why?
"Yes. I would have liked to have seen some of those funds used as resources for our schools and educational programs."

I support substantial pay raises for district teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and classified staff. Yes or no?
"Yes. I would support raises for those who work directly with our students, enhancing their growth. This also includes actual recruitment of minority teachers and paraprofessionals. It could be paid for by redirecting funds."

There is over-emphasis on college-bound students in the Lawrence school district to the detriment of students with technical or vocational interests. Yes or no?

Raises for teachers should be tied to academic performance of students in their classes. Yes or no?
"Yes. In addition to other measurements that can be used to identify and adequately compensate our more qualified teachers."

I support a policy allowing high school students to graduate early if they score above state benchmarks on the ACT or SAT. Yes or no?
"Yes, in addition to other requirements."

Homeschools should be subjected to greater oversight by the Kansas State Board of Education. Yes or no?

All-day kindergarten should be extended to all Lawrence elementary schools. Yes or no?

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