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Lawrence City Commission

February 19, 2001


City to discuss requiring landlords to register properties

Bottom Line

Commissioners will examine a proposal to require landlords to register their properties in single-family-zoned neighborhoods.


Officials say landlord registration will be a key part of enforcing a new ordinance to receive a final vote Tuesday to bar more than three unrelated people from living together in single-family zoned houses. Landlords are protesting the registration proposal as costly and unnecessary government intrusion. Commissioners also will consider a separate ordinance to during the next three years phase out existing situations in which more than three unrelated people live together in single-family houses.

Other Business

Consent agenda

Review and approve minutes of the following board and commission meetings: city commission from Feb. 13; Board of Electrical Examiners and Appeals from Dec. 6; Lawrence-Douglas County Health Board from Dec. 18; Parks and Recreation Advisory Board from Dec. 12 and Jan. 9.

Approve all claims.

Approve a drinking establishment license for Laughing Dog Saloon, 1910 Haskell Ave.

Approve the following appointments recommended by the mayor: Pat Kehde and Larry Paine to the Lawrence-Douglas County Economic Development Board; Jessica Buer to the Recycling and Resource Conservation Board; Jeremy Douglas to the Public Transit Advisory Committee; and Tom Liebel to the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Board.

Approve the following bid and purchase items:

$40,137 for two compact extended cab pickups for the Public Works Department and Building Inspection Division to Don Hatton Chevrolet. The low bidder did not meet specifications.

$85,028 for two single axle dump trucks for the Public Works Department to the low bidder, KCR International Trucks.

$23,835 for a one-ton cab over engine truck with a flat bed for the Parks and Recreation Department to Westfall GMC. The low bidder did not meet specifications.

$91,023 for five pickup trucks for various departments. Low bidder did not meet specifications on all five trucks. Various vendors were used to ensure the lowest cost to the city.

$18,791 for a van for the Police Department to the low bidder, Shawnee Mission Ford.

$53,987 for two one-ton trucks with utility bodies for Public Works and Utilities Departments to the low bidder, Laird Noller Ford.

$271,891 for two street sweepers for the Public Works Department to sole bidder, Key Equipment.

Adopt a resolution establishing benefit district for improvements to Crossgate Drive, 27th Street to 24th Place, pursuant to petition from property owners.

Adopt on first reading an ordinance annexing 2.561 acres located in the proposed alignment of Wakarusa Drive north of Wakarusa and Overland drives. The property owners and property owners to the north are seeking the extension of Wakarusa Drive to the northern development area.

Adopt on second and final reading the following ordinances:

Authorizing the issuance of industrial revenue bonds in the principal amount not to exceed $9,000,000 for the DST Realty project and the execution of associated documents. This was adopted by a 3-2 vote at the Feb. 13 meeting.

Amending sections of the city zoning code to establish the family definition to reflect no more than three unrelated persons.

Requiring the registration of nonconforming uses created by zoning ordinance change.

Authorize city manager to execute $124,298 agreement with BG Consultants for design and construction engineering services for the 2001 waterline improvement projects.

Authorize city manager to execute a $24,123 contract with Jayhawk Millwright for the Kaw Clarifier Bearing Rehabilitation project.

Authorize city manager to execute agreement with Mid-American Concessions for concession services at Parks and Recreation facilities.

Receive request for annexation of 20.26 acres located west of Westwood Hills development, north of West Sixth Street; refer request to Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission for recommendation.

Approve use of Burcham Park for alcohol sales on April 21, 2001, and adopt on first reading an ordinance allowing alcohol use and sales for that date under regulations of the Parks and Recreation Department.

City manager's report.

Regular agenda items

Receive draft lease agreement from Selective Site Consultants, Inc. for possible lease of city-owned property at the Clinton water treatment plant. The lessees are proposing installation of a communications tower on the site.

Receive and consider request for financial assistance from the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce to conduct a labor profile survey.

Receive request from the city of Topeka for participation in Kansas Corporation Commission rate-making proceedings concerning electric rates of Western Resources.

Receive staff report on the zoning of the property at 1201 E. 13th St.

Receive draft ordinances and staff report concerning rental licensing and gradual elimination of nonconforming uses.

Commission items

Mayor Jim Henry will advise the city commission on the mayor's task force on tax abatement policy.

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