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Students learn more than sewing, cooking

February 15, 2001


Every seventh-grader in the Lawrence school district is required to take a semester of home and self-development.

Teacher Coleen Creed said the class often is the only experience in life skills and child care that many students will have before they are on their own and, possibly, become parents themselves.

The class covers the following units:

Project construction: following directions, basic sewing machine operation and simple sewing techniques. South and Southwest Junior High students make math book covers. West Junior High students construct locker organizers, and Central Junior High students create pillows.

Wellness: nutrition and fitness, setting goals, stress management, developing positive self-concept, drug education, resistance skills and anger management.

Child care: child development basics, basic first aid, safety, baby-sitting responsibilities and fire safety.

Foods: kitchen management, food preparation, using a recipe, table settings, manners and following directions.

Home care: cleaning techniques, selection and safe use of cleaning products, organization, stain removal, laundry and simple repairs.

Personal care: self-concept as it relates to grooming, effects of sun on eyes and skin.

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