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February 15, 2001



Clinton book deal clears Senate panel

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has received approval from the Senate Ethics Committee for her $8 million book deal, her lawyer said Wednesday.

Clinton, D-N.Y., quietly submitted her memoir deal for the committee's approval Jan. 11, almost a month after she made the lucrative agreement with publisher Simon & Schuster. She was notified the committee approved the deal Tuesday. Clinton did not have to obtain the committee's approval for the deal, which was agreed before she was sworn in as a senator. She chose to submit the matter to remove questions surrounding it, aides said.

new York

Student toting guns, bombs is arrested

A student was arrested Wednesday after bringing 18 bombs, a sawed-off shotgun and a loaded pistol into a high school, prosecutors said.

A sheriff's deputy working on the staff of Southside High School in Elmira arrested the student in the cafeteria after other students told school officials about the weapons, said Dist. Atty. John Trice. Elmira is about 75 miles south of Syracuse. School officials said the student had given a female classmate a threatening note, which she passed to a teacher.

Trice said the student had a gym bag near him which held the shotgun, 14 pipe bombs and four other bombs including a propane bomb. He was armed with a loaded .22-caliber Ruger pistol, Trice said.


Freshman charged with 2 student murders

A 20-year-old freshman accused of murdering two fellow deaf students at Gallaudet University admitted in a videotaped confession that robbery was the reason he stabbed one classmate to death and fatally beat the other, prosecutors said Wednesday. Joseph M. Mesa Jr. of Guam is charged with two counts of felony murder while armed in the deaths of two 19-year-old freshmen killed about five months apart at the nation's only liberal arts university for the deaf.

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