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February 10, 2001


Jury deadlocks overspray-string incident

Jurors deliberated for three hours but couldn't reach a verdict on assault charges against a student who sprayed his principal with blue and green spray string during graduation.

The judge declared a mistrial Thursday after the jury hung 6-6 on whether Steven Babb should serve up to six months in prison for spraying former Vintage High School dean Andrew Herron. Babb, now 19, said he was simply reveling in the post-commencement atmosphere. He said he later apologized to Herron "for any embarrassment or injury but not for the act itself."

Prosecutors described it as a sustained, point-blank attack.

"(Babb) directed the stream of one can up his nose and another at his eyes," Prosecutor Gary Lieberstein said.

Homeless man arrested for posing as doctor

A homeless man who posed as a doctor and wrote a prescription for an emergency room patient at a Jacksonville hospital was later arrested in Pennsylvania where he pretended to be a physician's assistant trainee, authorities said.

Gary Stearley, 27, spent several days as "Dr. Joshua Caldwell" at St. Vincent's Medical Center last March, prosecutors said. Stearley pleaded innocent Thursday to charges of practicing medicine without a license and representing himself to be a physician's assistant at St. Vincent's.

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