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Milosevic denounces war crimes tribunal

February 4, 2001


— In a rare interview, toppled Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic compared the international war crimes tribunal seeking his capture to a "concentration camp," saying it was going after Serbs the way Nazis went after Jews.

"I've always considered the international tribunal at the Hague an illegal and immoral institution, invented as reprisal for disobedient representatives of a disobedient people as once there were concentration camps for superfluous peoples and people," Milosevic told Turin's La Stampa daily in an interview published Saturday.

"This tribunal exists above all for the Serbs," Milosevic said.

"It's the same form of intimidation that the Nazis used first against the Jews and then against all the Slav people."

Members of Yugoslavia's new government increasingly talk of putting Milosevic on trial, either in Belgrade or before the international tribunal at the Hague, Netherlands, which indicted him for alleged war crimes in 1999.

Milosevic places blame for all the Balkan wars of the 1990s squarely on the West particularly Germany, which he said was "drunk with victory in the Cold War" and bent on putting the East "under total economic and political control."

For any remainder of blame, "the responsibility of the Serbs is much less than the responsibility of the Croats, the Slovenes and of those who took part in the dismantling of the country," Milosevic said.

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