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Dobson compares Clinton to King Belshazzar

February 2, 2001


— Conservative Christian leader James Dobson has likened former President Clinton to King Belshazzar, a Babylonian king the minister described as an evil man who did not honor God.

"It is my belief that no man has ever done more to debase the presidency or to undermine our Constitution particularly the moral and biblical principles upon which it is based than has William Jefferson Clinton," Dobson wrote in a commentary that is to be delivered to his 2.6 million supporters next month.

The Associated Press obtained an advance copy of the commentary.

According to the Old Testament, King Belshazzar ordered a feast for his nobles, wives and concubines and had wine served to them in gold and silver goblets his father, Nebuchadnezzer, had taken from the Temple in Jerusalem.

During the evening, a hand appeared, writing a prophecy of doom on a wall.

That night Belshazzar was slain by invading Persians.

Dobson's Colorado-based Focus on the Family ministry runs 74 different ministries, publishes 10 magazines with a combined circulation of 2.3 million.

He also has a radio program broadcast on 4,000 radio stations daily.

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