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Faulty index

December 20, 2001


The cost of living index traditionally has been based on several components that, in addition to food, include rent, utilities, clothing and gas.

However, Mr. McElhaney chooses to focus on just one of these components one of the two components of the index that has not risen in the current year. Looking at the cost of food alone is not a sufficient indicator of true cost of living fluctuations. In addition, according to figures published by the USDA, only 10 percent of an American family's disposable income was spent on food last year. This number alone renders invalid Mr. McElhaney's naive experiment.

We feel that by publishing Mr. McElhaney's "data" the Journal-World is validating his flawed facts while ignoring true cost of living issues.

Connie Andes,

Madeline Finch,

Cecilia Mills,


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