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Housing success

December 19, 2001


To the editor:

Concerning your story of Dec. 3, "Rental dispute highlights Section 8 housing challenges," I would like to make the following comments:

I don't know Ms. Martynowicz or Mr. Grover and have no opinion about their dispute, but I do resent the tone of the article that presents persons receiving housing vouchers as "problem people." I work for an agency that provides services for adults with developmental disabilities, and these persons living on fixed incomes benefit greatly from federal housing vouchers received through the Lawrence Housing Authority.

I would like to thank the housing authority for helping persons with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to live in the community and commend them for doing a wonderful job. Landlords and tenants will always have differences, and I would just like to remind the Lawrence community that there are good people who need our help to be able to have the kind of life we all deserve and have a right to expect in this great country.

If you were able to experience the excitement of persons (who have only lived in an institution or group home) walking into their new duplex or apartment for the first time, you would recognize that the Section 8 program is a success, not a problem.

John Clayton,


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