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Lawrence City Commission

Commissioners to review public transit system’s first year in operation

December 17, 2001


Bottom Line

City commissioners Tuesday will check in on the performance of the city's public transit system after its first year of operation. The commission will receive a report that highlights ridership numbers, revenues generated, and possible improvements for the next year.


During its first year in operation The T provided 140,544 one-way fares and collected $93,439 in fares during the first 11 months of the year. The system also received more than $6 million in federal grants and approximately $1.6 million in local tax dollars.

Other business


Recognition of Public Works Director George Williams for his 46 years of service to the City of Lawrence.

Announcement of National Heritage Area Committee

Receive flag banner from students in Eutin Germany, a Sister City of Lawrence.

Consent Agenda

Award the following bids and purchases:

$29,811 to McClouth Excavating for waterline improvements to the Household Hazardous Waste facility.

$23,985 to Jim Clark Motors for utility vehicle for Fire/Medical Department

Set bid opening date of Tuesday, Jan. 15 for the following rehabilitation projects for neighborhood resources: 817 Ala; 812 Ind.; 1826 N.H.; 1324 Craig Court; 1402 E. 18th Street Terrace; 1302 W. 3rd St.

Authorize city manager to enter into contract with Landplan Engineering for Yankee Tank Sewer project for $148,000.

Authorize city manager to sign a change order with Garney Construction for the SE Pump Station project in the amount of $199,177.62.

Adopt following ordinances on first reading:

Ordinance 7462 authorizing removal of parking along Barker Ave on alternating sides of the street beginning at 15th St. and ending at Winona Ave.

Ordinance 7463 establishing Yield signs at Hampton St. at 25th Terrace and Kensington Road.

Ordinance 7464 establishing no parking along south side of North St. between 2nd and 3rd streets, and along east side of Airport Road.

Adopt following ordinances on second and final reading:

Rezoning of 19.77 acres from RS-1 to PCD-2. Property is generally located on the northeast corner of 31st St. and Iowa St.

Rezoning of 4.197 acres from RS-1 to PRD-1. The property is generally located on the northeast corner of 31st and Iowa streets.

Amending chapter 17, article 7 of the city code concerning bicycles.

Establishing requirements for the removal of snow or ice from public sidewalks, and establishing inspection, notice and fine provisions.

Authorizing a 50 percent property tax abatement of $3.69 million of property at Reuter Organ Co. First approved by the commission on March 7, 2000.

Authorizing special assessments for the public improvements at 6th St. and Maine.

Adopt resolution requesting county commission to approve the annexation of approximately 14 acres generally located along Noria Road.

Approve a request to rezone approximately .337 acres from M-2 to C-5. The property is located at 1350 N. 3rd St.

Approve selection of Springsted Financial Advisors for financial advisory services.

Approve medical director agreement with Dr. Scott Robinson for Fire/Medical Department.

Approve variance request from utility code for requirement of single meter at 1942 Stewart Ave., Building H.

Approve request from Unity Church for a Peace Pole to be located at South Park.

Approve recommendation from the Lawrence Arts Commission for a mural to be painted on the southern wall of Cottin's Hardware and Rental, 1832 Mass.

Authorize mayor to sign release of mortgage for John Swift, 818 N.Y.

Authorize mayor to sign a subordination agreement for Rick and Julie Carr, 1506 Craig Court.

Regular Agenda

Consider receipt of donation of 40 acres of property from Bob and Betty Lichtwardt near Folks Road and Peterson Drive.

Receive and consider recommendation from Lawrence Arts Commission for Percent for Art project at Lawrence Memorial Hospital pediatric wing.

Receive annual report concerning Lawrence's public transit system.

Receive preliminary report on possible improvements to 31st Street and 31st Street corridor.

Review and discuss draft 6th St. access management ordinance

Consider a motion to recess into executive session.

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