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Olympic stamp first of 2002

December 16, 2001


It seems fitting that the first U.S. stamps of 2002 should be devoted to the Winter Olympic Games. The games will be held Feb. 10 to 23 in Salt Lake City.

The U.S. Postal Service will release four stamps featuring such winter sports as figure skating, ice hockey, snowboarding and ski jumping. Each of the stamps combines a photo of an individual competitor with a graphic treatment of the corresponding sports site.

The Olympic Games have been a popular subject on many U.S. stamps. The summer and winter games take place every four years.

The United States has been highlighting the Olympics on its stamps since 1932. A 2-cent stamp showing a ski jumper hailed the winter events. There were two for the summer games a 3-center portraying a runner at the starting block and a 5-center illustrating an ancient Greek athlete throwing a discus.

In 1990, the USPS issued four 25-cent stamps honoring former American Olympic gold medal winners Jesse Owens in track and field, Ray Ewry in high jumping, Hazel Wightman in tennis and Eddie Egan in boxing. To see a color image of the winter sports Olympic stamps, as well as other stamps and stationery, visit the Collector's Corner at the Postal Store at

Santa set

Santa Claus was a busy guy on a 1991 set of stamps.

One stamp showed him climbing up a chimney, while another had him sliding down one. A colorful stamp displayed him "checking his list" (to see who'd been naughty or nice). Still another stamp showed Santa leaving presents under a tree. Finally, one stamp featured him flying away with his reindeer. Each stamp was 29 cents.

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