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Priscilla’s support

December 10, 2001


To the editor:

Shame on Barbara Lindstrom for attempting to harm a legitimate, established business on the basis of her own prudish attitudes! Until Priscilla's opened its store at the corner of Naismith and 23rd Street, the location was a revolving door, with tenant after tenant lasting for less than a year.

Priscilla's has been operating there successfully for several years, as a responsible taxpayer and employer. They have never offered anything less than a tasteful and discreet storefront. I'm sure they wouldn't have lasted if they had no customers!

I hope the Chamber of Commerce will do everything possible to support this business in its present location and thwart any efforts such as those called for by Ms. Lindstrom to seek their eviction. Chocolates from the new Russell Stover shop would be the perfect complement to a gift of lingerie and scented massage oil from Priscilla's, and not just for Valentine's Day.

I, for one, am proud to live and work in a community where at least one business is encouraging its patrons to make love, not war. I hope Priscilla's neighbors will feel the same way.

John W. Hoopes,


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