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Too much whining

December 9, 2001


To the editor:

After living in several communities in my lifetime, I moved to Lawrence almost three years ago to be closer to family. Although I enjoy living in this community, it really didn't take too long to realize that, once a citizen, one seems to have a right to be a "whiner." Consider the following:

South Lawrence Trafficway I have never heard so much "whining." We need to keep in mind just what the "wetland" really is! It is a manmade "swamp" nothing more and nothing less. Just like "rain forests" are jungles. Call them what they really are! If there is an ancient burial ground there, that should be honored and respected. However, if there is no proof that it exists, it doesn't. The burden of proof should be on those making the claim. My bet is that those doing most of the "whining" don't drive 23rd Street.

Multilevel parking at St. Lawrence Center The neighbors say if it is built, they will move. I would suggest they call a local Realtor and moving company now and get with the program. The garage would be an improvement to the neighborhood, and as one writer recently stated, the St. Lawrence center is better maintained than some properties in the area. Maybe the center should start "whining" about that.

School board members and the Pledge of Allegiance. This one is really unbelievable. State law requires our children to recite it daily, but the local leaders (at least one) seem to be concerned about someone's "feelings." This is a classic example of the inmates running the asylum.

Since I have now declared myself an official resident of Lawrence, I feel I am also entitled to be an official "whiner." Considering that, I must ask the question. Just how long are the taxpayers of this community going to continue funding a bus system that nobody rides? Talk about gross mismanagement!

Inflation went up about 3 percent last year. My property taxes increased almost 20 percent. I think I know where all the money is going! We are hosting too many meetings for the "whiners."

Gary P. March,


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