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Special Santa

December 9, 2001


To the editor:

To whomever took our Santa: It may have been a prank or a dare or you just liked our Santa. But let me tell you why that four-foot plastic Santa was on our porch. We didn't buy him; probably never would have. But Santa belonged to Aunt Jeanne. When our sister/aunt was run over and killed nearly three years ago we were faced with many difficult things, including cleaning out her house.

In her basement we found Santa, who had cheerfully graced her front stoop on Chicago's north side for several years. Our family chose to bring Santa to grace our front porch, to remind us of our jolly, red-headed, full of spirit Aunt Jeanne.

Think of your favorite "Aunt Jeanne." How would she feel if she knew you took our Santa? She would probably want you to return him to our porch, where he belongs. Thank you for returning a little of Aunt Jeanne to us. We miss her terribly, and having Santa around helps us smile when we think of her.

Kathy Rathbun,


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