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Barbie shows holiday spirit with tiara-topped tree

December 9, 2001


Over the years, Barbie has infiltrated the boardroom, the ice rink, space and countless minds of little girls.

Now she plans to pop up in your living room, just in time for Christmas.

But don't expect that perky plastic doll with the impossibly small waist, permanent smile and infinite wardrobe.

Expect instead her very own pink, sparkly holiday tree topped with what else a jeweled tiara.

Standing nearly 3 feet tall, the tree marks that "Barbie time of year," says a toy store advertisement.

Like any good Barbie toy, this one comes loaded with accessories. Besides the tree topper, there's sparkling garland, a tree skirt that includes a boalike edging, twinkling pink tree lights and matching jewelrylike ornaments.

If your little girl is swept away in a pink tide and you give in to her Barbie obsession, take heart. At least most of the tree's accessories have dual uses.

The tree topper can be worn as a tiara. The tree skirt doubles as a cape. And the strings of garland, jewels and other doodads hanging from those branches? Why, your little pretty can pile them on as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories.

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