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Reasonable solution

December 7, 2001


The question of St. Lawrence being a church is preposterous. Surely any reasonable person must realize that a church can be more than just a building where people come together once a week to worship. As a graduate of the University of Kansas, and a former resident of Daisy Hill, St. Lawrence was a place to attend Mass, but also somewhere to study, get involved with the community, eat pancakes or use a computer. I would urge all concerned neighbors to take a look at how valuable St. Lawrence is to the students and faculty of the university. One way would be to see how packed with students church is at 10 p.m. Mass on Sunday nights.

I would venture to say that the St. Lawrence grounds are the best looking in the neighborhood. I can think of many things worse to live next to than a church. A fraternity would be one. Perhaps Mr. McColl is confusing St. Lawrence with the Phi Psi house down the street. Surely though it is easy to see the difference between Masses and study rooms on Sunday mornings as opposed to bad beer and bad music on Saturday nights.

Father Vince and St. Lawrence do a lot for their community. It's sad that the only attention he gets in the J-W, which supposedly stands for projects that make our community a better place to live (see the lower-left side of the page), is the noisy grumblings of a few bad neighbors.

Derek Fincham,


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