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December 6, 2001


There you have it, Lawrence. In a town that prides itself in providing a healthy atmosphere in which to raise one's kids and for parents from across the nation to send their college- bound sons and daughters what greets anyone driving up Naismith Drive as you head north to the campus is a shop that specializes in what else? sex toys. How does it make you feel? What do you say to your visiting relatives and clients when they take a long, close look at Priscilla's? Does it make you proud to live here or embarrassed like the young KU student who works across the street from it.

Maybe somebody should give a gentle nudge to the owner who is currently renting to Priscilla's and encourage them to think twice before renting to a sex shop on Naismith Drive, the entryway to the University of Kansas. Not only will the good citizens of Lawrence thank you for it, but I'd venture to say that Mr. Naismith, if he were still around, would also thank you for bringing back a sense of pride to the neighborhood.

Barbara Lindstrom,


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