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THE MAG: Letters

December 6, 2001


Mark Ptasnik aka Thanatos, Lawrence

A different perspective

I read the article "Rumor Mill" (Nov. 15) in The Mag, and while I am not upset with it, I did want to point out that Lonnie Fisher's point of view may not be entirely accurate. We did grow apart musically, which in the end is the biggest reason we aren't playing together anymore, at least for me. I suppose the only thing that I wanted to point out is that Dan Hansen, Adam Hess and I didn't leave the band because we have a "fascination with England" as Lonnie puts it, which is a phrase I find kinda humorous. I do, however, want time for myself and for personal growth. While it is true that we are planning an extended trip to Italy and Switzerland, it is not a trip to go form a band in another country, but simply a way to broaden our horizons and see the rest of the world.

I really hate the idea that just because I was in a band with them, Lonnie and Chris (Nunez) get to tell me what to do with my life. So I opted out. And really, really honestly I don't have any feelings of "bad blood" or whatever, although I suppose that Lonnie or Chris might. I am sorry for that, I really do hope they do well. I guess one thing I have learned is that there is a whole lot that life has to offer, and right now I really want to see what is out there and become a more centered and well-balanced person. Being in a band kind of seemed to be taking away my personal identity. Now I have regained a lot of that, but I still need to experience a lot more before even thinking of being in a band again.

The only other part of the article that bothered me was the implication that we wouldn't play the benefit show for Honey Hallock. Neither Chris nor Lonnie actually contacted me and asked, so I had no idea there even was a benefit show! In any event, I do hope the show made some money and I wish Lonnie and Chris the best of luck. Oh yeah, if "Freak Albino" or "Haunted" becomes a hit, I'll be coming for my royalties (just a joke).

Rob Dixon, former Sturgeon Mill keyboardist, Lawrence

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