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In the halls

December 6, 2001


This week's question Asked at Free State High School

Should the Pledge of Allegiance be said in school?

Josh Mitchell,
15 years old,
"I don't think it should be said in school. But I think they should do something. Maybe something about the United States and its history something along those lines."

Pat Elzea,
17 years old,
"It'd be OK. But I think it needs to be edited. If you take out 'under God' it might be more acceptable to others who object now."

Vlada Kalinichenko
15 years old,
"I don't think it should be required. It's kind of like a prayer, and you can't pray in school."

Jen Roberts,
17 years old,
"No. We haven't said it for so long that it would change our whole routine. I understand why it might be done. It would bring some patriotism back in the classroom."

Rick Clark,
17 years old,
"There shouldn't be a law that should regulate it, because no one should be forced to do it. The values shouldn't be forced to be expressed."

Mindy Ogunnowo,
15 years old,
"Yes it should, but not every day. I think then it loses its importance."

Molly Ford,
16 years old,
"Yes, because we should show our patriotism."

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