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City responsibility

December 6, 2001


To the editor:

I read your article about the family who had sewer damage. On Jan. 1, 2001, our next door neighbor had their sewer back up. Nine days later, ours did too. On Jan. 10, 2001, our insurer said it would help us. It ended up paying us roughly $13,000 worth of damage.

We had filed a claim within the city, which you are required to do before you can even file suit. We were trying to obtain our $700 deductible and other expenses not covered by insurance.

The city said it was not responsible. My neighbor and I both believe that it is the city's responsibility.

We had two plumbers out because, in one week's time, we had two floods. Both plumbers said that they put out over 100 feet of snake, which went past our house line. Both of them said the backup was the city's responsibility.

Julie Donner,


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