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Monkey business?

December 5, 2001


To the editor:

It's been said that a thousand monkeys given typewriters and enough time would reproduce the works of Shakespeare. While that may be a stretch, I'm quite certain they could formulate city policy.

It was hard to miss the irony in the Nov. 29 Journal-World. In one story, city leaders were said to be opposing a KDOT-planned median at Sixth and Wakarusa because it would block access to several businesses. One irony is that the need for this median is largely due to city commission approval of a "big box" development at that intersection a development which does not adhere to the city's own strategic growth plan.

The greater irony is that a story on the next page focuses on a CITY-planned median at 31st and Iowa that would block access to Kmart and other businesses. The final irony is that the need for this median is also due to the commission's approval of a development project that doesn't meet the city's own strategic growth plan.

What is this monkey business?

David Day,


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