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Dangerous crossing

December 5, 2001


To the editor:

This letter is concerning the need for some kind of traffic-calming device at the East Hills Business Park and the K-10 intersection. I still have not figured out why our leaders would work so fast and be so determined to get a roundabout on Harvard Road, but they will not lift a finger to try and curb some of the problems at this intersection. Maybe it's because the Lawrence city commissioners and the KDOT folks do not have to drive through this deadly intersection every day to go to work.

If you have ever attempted to cross there, you know how very difficult it is ALL of the time, let alone when it is foggy, rainy, snowy or icy. In Kansas, that can be almost a daily ordeal. What difference would it make if the speed limit were dropped from 65 to 45 through there? Do we need to get those Johnson County people in and out that fast? What would a signal light hurt? Are we to believe that maybe there isn't a lower speed limit there because commissioners and KDOT think that it would be unenforceable? Or is it because they plan to have some kind of SLT completed in the near future and to just forget about the danger there?

The SLT is still probably years away, if at all. For now, we have to address this problem. There are many, many people who work in that business park, and they MUST travel through there every day. Their safety should be just as important as the safety of the people who live on Harvard Road. And don't say just take the Noria Road exit. If you know anything about the Noria Road and K-10 intersection, you know that it is just as bad, if not worse. In all honesty, there should not be any at-grade intersections along K-10 at all.

Traffic speeds along at 75-80 mph easy all along that highway. Maybe someday our leaders will focus on this and do something about it. I just hope it will not be too late for someone who dies there in an accident. If you do not believe what a dangerous intersection it is, please, take a drive out there. You'll see how suicidal it is to try to cross there.

Matt Withers,


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