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December 4, 2001


To the editor:

I noticed a large story about the St. Lawrence Center in the Nov. 25 J-W. I thought it was rather negative and one-sided. Readers should know that the center does a lot for students and for their neighbors. I am a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, and we are back-door neighbors with St. Lawrence. We have always had a cramped parking situation at our house, especially due to the topography of our property. But Father Krische has graciously allowed our members to park in the St. Lawrence Center. This kindness has allowed our chapter to eliminate a lot of on-street parking, and more importantly, allows us to park nearby, in a SAFE area right behind our house. This has been a real kindness that you would never suspect if you were only to read the article in the paper. I'll bet there are other friendly neighbors to St. Lawrence your reporter didn't talk to, either.

I would also think that the proposed new parking area Father Krische wants to build will take a lot of on-street parking off the street, thus making the area MORE attractive. It should also make driving safer, with less chance for a pedestrian-car accident. And finally, the St. Lawrence Center is a very attractive building that is well maintained better than some housing in the same area.

In closing, I think this expansion of St. Lawrence Center will improve the neighborhood and make living near campus a more manageable task. I hope the city approves it.

Beth Watkins,


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