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Longer may be better

December 3, 2001


What does this have to do with getting around Lawrence these days? Just as I looped north, west and back south, to get home in south Minneapolis, a similar route via a bridge over the Kansas River east of Lawrence, could bring a fast, efficient drive from K-10 to west Lawrence, via a few miles of I-70. A new bridge would be built to specifications to withstand the erosion by the Kaw. Currently the Eudora bridge is gradually being made precarious by the river's erosion.

Truck traffic not headed into Lawrence for deliveries surely must be heading to I-70, one way or another. We can have an effective bypass north and then west, and at the same time build a bridge that will be needed to take the place of the Eudora bridge. KDOT would save taxpayers' money, and leave Wakarusa river bottom land to better uses.

Mark Larson,


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