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December 1, 2001


Several members of the Lawrence Kiwanis Club were recently recognized by the Kiwanis International Legion of Honor for their longtime membership.

Those receiving certificates and pins were: Larry Good, Phil Harrison, John Immel, Bob Newton, Don Schaake, John Stewart, 25 years; Cub Bear, Lew Llewellyn, Dean Milroy, Bill Myers, Tom Monninger, 30 years; Bob Bowline, Orvel Criqui, Bob Harrison, Dale Kearney, Bill Lienhard, Dick Moore, Wayne Osness, Don Whitaker, 35 years; Martin Jones, 40 years; Al Gallup, Phil Godwin, Hal Keltz, 45 years; Mel Huxtable, Charles Lacey, Russ Mosser, Harold Jones, 50 years; Russ Jensen, 55 years; and Jim Walsh, 58 years.

Presentations were made by Bonnie Smith, immediate past president of the Lawrence Kiwanis Club.

The Lawrence Duplicate Bridge Club's regular Nov. 26 game was stratified, used the Mitchell movement and was directed by Virginia Seaver.

North-South winners were James Gunn and Harry Shaffer, followed by Virginia Seaver and Klee Zaricky. Sally Taylor and Shirlie Vaughn placed third, followed by Clyde Romer and Steve Phelps. Betty Watson and Don Brennaman placed second in the B session.

East-West winners were Paul Heitzman and Donna Johnson, followed by Gladys Turner and Max Turner. Bebe Huxtable and Wanda Edmonds placed third, followed by Julia Brooks and Russell LaForce.

Madelyn Jenks and Phyllis Brownlee placed third in the B session. Cathy Blumenfeld and Mike Blumenfeld placed second in the C session.

The Lawrence 99er Duplicate Bridge Club's Nov. 23 game was stratified, used a Howell movement and was directed by Eldon Herd.

Winners were Donna Munson and Mary Fenlon, followed by Larry Bodle and Kent McCullough. Chris Lane and Shirley Reese placed third, followed by Julia Dalton and Lester Dalton. Cathy Blumenfeld and Mike Blumenfeld placed second in the B session, followed by Glenna Herd and Eldon Herd. Wanda Edmonds and Bebe Huxtable placed second in the C session.

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