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City code aims to keep a lid on stereo volume

August 23, 2001


Don't blast that Snoop Doggy Dogg CD on your car audio system TOO loudly.

You could be breaking the law, at least in Lawrence.

The city code section 17-116, to be specific prohibits drivers from operating vehicles with sound systems that can be heard from 50 feet or more away, according to Toni Wheeler, a staff attorney for the city of Lawrence.

Drivers who pump up the volume and violate the code can get a citation from police and, if convicted, be fined at least $60.

In 2000, Lawrence police issued 226 citations to people who violated this city code. So far this year, police have issued 175 citations.

"I would say that the police department uses this ordinance frequently when they hear car stereos that are too loud," says David Corliss, assistant city manager for Lawrence. "And we get a number of complaints from homeowners and others about loud car stereos.

"One of the difficulties in enforcing it is that by the time the police get there, the kids in the Chevys are long gone."

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