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Tax spiral

August 22, 2001


To the editor:

In reference to your "County approves 2002 Budget," Journal-World of Aug. 15. I am happy to see the details on Commissioner Jones' vote against the mill levy increase as proposed. I feel he is reflecting what a great many of us Lawrence citizens feel too much taxation, but are afraid to speak out.

In another way, I am most unhappy with the article as it did not mention that there were three or four citizens who did speak and were against the 15 percent increase. By not including the opposition's voice, readers of the article would get the impression that "all" are satisfied with the ever swirling upward of taxes city, county and school board.

In my circle of friends, there is more and more dissatisfaction with the tax increases we are having forced on us, especially in the last three to five years.

J.A. Stokes, Jr.


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